Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Webcam Manhattan Btreiber


Our cribs car is finally here! Juhuuuuuuu .......

Many thanks to the company Holzgestaltung Guder Dresden . This car is a dream.
The children and I love him, this lightness, maneuverability, these bright colors .... be incredible!

Today was her maiden voyage!

We had expected to cause a stir - but on this scale? The people waited, it was made to walk the narrow parking lot, (some mother with a baby carriage dreams), cars slowed their pace and twisted the necks of today ... we were almost a little prominent, I would say! "Whisper"

from left to right Kilian (14 months), Mia (13 months) and my daughter Tia (3 years)

At times you could hear the people: "Look, are not they cute? "," Have you seen this?

Two days moms have approached me in person and were very impressed!

So now we have a befitting vehicle and a lot of fun on the go. NOW are long distances and trips to the zoo not a problem everything!

It welcomes all sweet

Sandra Rogahn, the Wombat Mama


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