Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wwe - D Generation X [vhs]

The holiday is over ..... OUR TRIP TO THE ZOO

... and we can start again.

Since there will be from 01/01/2009 new rules regarding the tax and economic treatment in day care I have prematurely ALL occupies 5 day care places.

The fifth open for February 2009 Space is thus already so busy NOW and forgiven.

In the search of a day in the Leipzig mom you is love Parents, the Youth Office with the Leipzig house operation VKKJ help.

Contact Day Care Management

woman Ohme - Tel: 0341 - 123 35 88
Mrs. Berke Meier - Tel: 0341-123 35 87
Mrs. Beckert - Tel: 0341 - 123 35 99

inquiries regarding a day care center in our group can be answered at the earliest in April / May 2009.


Sandra Rogahn


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