Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Colgate Sensitive Copied Sensodyne

Kilian My dear love, Mia, Mirja dear, dear Jeremy Joel, dear Rose,

I would like today all times cordially thank you 5s. Just like that because you are really great day children and I am usually very easy to you is always a delight to create.

You know, even adults sometimes worry - I once had fear. At the very beginning when I did not know about you, and we had our first sniff. You was all new here - the surroundings, the sounds, the other children and me. But now we have been together about six months together had fun, laughed, cried, played, painted handicrafts, etc. - we are a really great bunch. It's a nice feeling when you smiling at me when we rumalbern or just so .... if I may comfort you because you are once again fallen down and hurt you knee is doing, or did any of you the other times stole the favorite toy .

you are, in addition to my own children to get up one of the reasons like time and have everything ready for our breakfast together.

Please stay as you are - small, happy, confident, curious, independent personalities. has

like So and now I now have a wonderful Christmas with want your loved ones and with you hope Santa's Gift Bag filled properly for you - but I'm sure ... so sweet as her this year was are that determines ne "fat" yield!

I'm looking forward once more year - also because we will try again to do a lot to learn and be surprised every now and then.

My children Nile, Tim and Tia I would also like to thank - you really are great playmates for "The Wombats" - it's great fun to watch how the young can one or the other with you already "big" abschauen children and learn. As they come to you in my arms and cuddle with you, just to show you how they like you. Thank you - this is a wonderful experience. You have to sometimes quite back to DC when individual time with me is that I do and sometimes I'm so a guilty conscience. But in these times you come to me; hugs me and says all is not bad, because we love. You are my gold coins - I LOVE YOU !

Much love,

Eure (day)-mum Sandra


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