Friday, July 24, 2009

Is It Best To Use Tampons For Sports

Dear Parents,

because of the huge Demand and the already partially made appointments with the purpose of inspection or idea, I have to write a immediate ENTRY STOP posting!

The flood of requests is hardly cope with.

I am very sorry to not make an appointment to all parents, however, the maximum is reached. Now it's up to those already conducted interviews or even whether the following dates letzmalig advertised space is occupied.

If the space is not dedicated, it will be posted here as usual on the page or in announced family friend. I ask for understanding!

Interested parents Please use the opportunity when VKKJ , (winner of the Youth Welfare Office Leipzig) to inquire about available seats at my dear fellow Leipzig. Beckert wife, Mrs. and Mrs. Berke Ohme Meier : The contacts are there!

I am grateful to be of great interest for my day care and the trust placed in me, your always a proteges loving companion in a new and important phase of life!

Thank you!

Sandra Rogahn
"The Wombat Mama"


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