Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Nokia expands lawsuit against Apple from

What a month. Nokia sued in October, the U.S. manufacturer Apple.Inc because of numerous patent infringement: The iPhone maker has infringed ten patents held by the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer of mobile technologies such as GSM and UMTS. Apple.Inc did not have it long lying down. a press release from Apple was the countersuit 14.12.09. The subject of this action is taken in the press release with the quote from Sewell together: "To compete with Apple may have to develop competitors their own technology and not simply steal from Apple, the company raises from the California Cupertino front of the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, total of 13 of its patents hurt. Nokia seems to impress the defense of Apple very little. Whether the allegation of October 2009 would not be serious enough, Nokia on Tuesday extended the action, claiming that the illegal use of Nokia technology by Apple.Inc is not confined only to iPhone, but would also iPod and computer technology used. What does it mean for Apple? The patents in question, Nokia has already licensed to several manufacturers and will receive appropriate fee. Nokia see the action as a last resort after negotiations with Apple had previously failed. Nokia should be successful in court, then Apple is threatening a fine of 204-408 million dollars. The sum is made up of charges 6-12 dollars for the use of the protected technology sold per iPhone. If the court Apple.Inc the intent to, can thus tripling the total. The conviction of Apple.Inc to pay $ 21,500,000 damages for patent infringement of memory chip maker Opti provides other hand, insignificant.

Jason Schultz , director of the UC Berkeley School of Law, suspects that it is very difficult for Apple to take action against the patent application. "Ten to challenge patents is as if one would run the Boston Marathon. This is really difficult. Perhaps this is possible with a patent or five, but ten are really a lot." Alternatively, Apple could be out of court agreement with Nokia. "Nokia will probably not attempt to Apple from the market to press. It will only force Apple to follow the same rules as other manufacturers.



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