Monday, March 1, 2010

Whether Female Doctor Sees Penis

photographed at the wombats, the cave ...

slowly so we must all say goodbye. You are now all big and ready for the great adventure in kindergarten.

I will miss you all and think in quiet moments of you and our time together. Hopefully it also prepares you so much joy to me!

But do not worry, I will not cave in our boring ... because there will be young again with the Wombats. Nils, Tim and Tia again be big brothers and big sister. But important to our Nele-Wombat, it takes a little while.

For this reason, we take no requests received more. After a short shooting time-out it is here with us happy but quiet on - with 2 small wombats the run around already with us in the group.

It greets dear to all, Sandra - The Wombat Mama


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