Monday, October 4, 2010

Sollan Ancle After Alcahole


Today I want to thank with a little draw for now 100 readers of my blog!
Froi I'm really very happy that I got to know a good six months after such nice people - whether it be through comments, emails or personal contact.
In all the readers who leave me a comment to 24.10. left and link my raffle on her blog, I will give away the Clock in vintage style.

Besides working at the Children's Defense League three weeks ago I had an extra job begun. I take care of primary school children of 1st and 2 Class with a reading and writing. This is sometimes very exhausting, because many of these children also have social problems but also makes the work I enjoy.
The daily schedule must be structured differently now, of course. So I cook early in the morning as the lunch that the microwave for lunch then have to warm up just yet.
The time for regular blogging to me is missing too, and you probably have noticed that it is become a little calmer.
I hope you will understand and still continue to look over at me ...

Oh yes ... I want you to still show the box, that son of man brought me out of school.
Before ...

... and after

My greenhouses I could redecorate all the time.
There are sooo many ways ...

Even in the land of the Frisians is now moved to the fall - although I have so long resisted, hoping for a return of the summer.
But now I enjoy the cozy atmosphere of candles, autumnal decorations and fireplace.
"Fall and Kuscheltied" looks at us as have from (some flea market finds of the last time also to crept in, some of them are also landed here ) ...

weekend we've had onion-pepper vegetables. Are not these colors wonderful?

Only a week to school, then I must in the first autumn holiday week working at the Child Protection and in the second holiday week we travel to complaints - this time entirely in the north. Oh, how glad I am!

This bouquet of autumn market, I wish you all a good time


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