Friday, September 25, 2009

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dMob Analysis: iPhone OS 3.1 is assumed bad

After the last Apple event is for some time ready for all iPhone owners, the OS 3.1. With a mixed feeling very well see the iPhone owners, this new version. There is currently neither a nunmal Jailbreak still an unlock for this version. An obvious therefore that this OS is not really accepted or first wait for a possibility to perform the update in the end. The same will probably be true for the expected FW 3.1.1. Owner of contractual devices to see the matter as well as a relaxed unlock for them is not necessary. But even this group has to suffer like all the FW 3.1 in relation to the tethering. Whether and how far that now has an impact on the sale of iPhones with the new FW 3.1 can only be guessed at. As this study demonstrates
AdMob operate the majority of an older OS version.
about 23% have the new FW 3.1
approximately 51% of iPhone OS 3.0
about 19% FW 2.x
about 7% FW 2.x
older than about 3% of all iPhones are jailbroken
AdMob provides advertising within Apps and therefore has to find ways which OS is running on the device.



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