Sunday, September 13, 2009

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My dear Kilian,

1 1 / 2 years I was pretty nervous ... Why? I will gladly explain to you ...

In February In 2008 I received a call from your mom and after a little conversation we arranged for a small initial acquaintance with you at home. When I arrived

time with you You were just waking from a nap and wove a little while to really wake up. But it was not long until you were seeking contact with me and the recording. You smiled and you shewed me things are important to you.

Even on this day you have stolen my heart and I looked forward to our next time together.

We have in this 1 1 / 2 years together so much done, seen, met and made ... sometimes it was a rocky one Away but we both (and your wombat friends) have helped and supported each other - and together we have removed all the stones.

You are such a wonderfully bright boy, friendly, helpful, curious and always cheerful. I am very glad to have kennenglernt you. But now my heart is slowly hurting heart, for now our time together is over. Even though I knew that this day would come, I'm now very painful to let go you.

Kilian My dear, I want to thank you most sincerely thank ... for your love, your affection, your patience, your curiosity, your stubborn, your openness, your kindness and for your obvious I have included in your daily life and your heart to. You will all of us (but mostly me) are very lacking and we are very often think of you.

We wish you all a really great time for children, great new friends, my teachers and hope you keep your curiosity and your happiness and the other children are now such a great friend like you were there for us all.

take care my dear, go your way and maybe you'll visit us so now and then. We look forward to it!

It greets all your love you Sandra and your friends Mia Wombat, Mirja, Rico, Luna, Nils, Tim and Tia

Dear Sandra, dear Christian, Love Denise ....

thank you very much for everything - it was so nice to work with you together. How did you know actually the Callas are my favorite flowers? * Grin * - Thank you so much! The picture is now hung up yet, so Kilian every day in our group, o)

It would be my pleasure to welcome you all 4 at the next Christmas party!

Until then - many greetings from Sandra and family


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