Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Much To Run A Pedestal Fan

The last time this year ...

want ... but I can hear again.

the Advent and Christmas was so entirely to my taste:
we have many family trips made, bake cookies, visit Christmas markets, shared evenings spent by the fire, had a stress free Christmas shopping and spent wonderful Christmas day with your family ... and my 45.Geburtstag in the week celebrated before Christmas.
I have been blessed abundantly ... love people have made so many thoughts, which means they could make me happy - thank you, it is you really succeeded!
I must now include the two books "24 Days in Advent" and "Inspiration in White call my own and I must say, you promised not really too much!
something homemade I also get - so a red flag garland, for example in the kitchen of Andrea / Andrella love heart and a Lampenhusse linen with black embroidery by Nina / sassy fairy .

The antique children's shoes, which I am in the summer in an antique shop in New FARP was totally in love, has it sent my wish fulfillers secretly into the country of the Frisians.
Again and again I keep it in the hands and am tired of looking at all - they are sooo beautiful!

And I (you spell that right?) Probably now also have a soft spot for old children's shoes have, my dear mother gave me these beautiful horses ...

As you perhaps know, is my absolute favorite RĂ¼gen island, and this year we are both in the summer and was in the autumn holiday there. Longingly I look almost daily since the images of a webcam on the web. This may have noticed, my wish fulfillers given to me and others a few days in Country House Hotel Bohlendorf complaints - Froi!

When I am 2.Weihnachtstag briefly turned the evening round a blog, I had to find with dismay that other people are waiting in some blogs not able to clear away the Christmas decorations and to decorate the tree.
I personally love this special time of year and still can not hold it long enough.
The Christmas and the decorated tree (it is in the winter garden and keeps the cool in there very well) should always remain with us until January 6.
Our tree was decorated this year with very simple white candles, antique wood jewelry, white balls, candy canes and two Maileg-elves.

What about with you?
lights when you have the Star of Bethlehem or did you already brought spring flowers into the house?

Since Christmas gifts were still not enough ;-)
we were this week at the after-Christmas shopping: I happened to have
in Esens at Ernsting's found a second zinc house - it was reduced by 50% and brush and white Color fallen victim to ...

In the north (Madame Stoltz) and Emden (IB Laursen) I found two shops that my heart could beat once more - I had no idea that there are such repositories in my area ...

In the days between the years of cold winter weather invites us to a beautiful walk. Whoever lives in the magical land of the Frisians should, at the weekend maybe a walk on the eternal sea schedule followed by warming up in the Gallery Cafe - just wonderful!

The winter is supposed to remain still so cold and so we got this week supply of firewood. It is sooo comfortable, the crackling sit fire. The fireplace was the best acquisition we've made this year!

As much as I enjoy this time at the moment and goes, but not a day that I do not think about the events of November 11. How is it going
the affected families well these days?
Just yesterday, the annual review in our newspaper the pictures were terrible accident back awake.
On the home page of our church community was to read before Christmas:

Jesus Christ says: "Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11.28

On Thursday, 11 November 2010 occurred a serious bus accident on the A28 at Apen-Remels. Students from the KGS Hage and a pupil from the school Berumbur, two teachers and other companions were on their way to school riding Oldenburg.
We are deeply shocked and frightened, weary and heavy laden. We mourn for the dead mother, Anne Kleen. We mourn for the deceased teacher Inga spring. We pray for the relatives. We have so many questions. We need hope and strength. We pray for those who have witnessed this accident. For all injured. For those who are still in hospital. For all students. For the teaching staff of the KGS. For those who are sad. For all rescuers, doctors, assistants, counselors and police officers.

I would like to take this opportunity once again to you for the lovely Christmas cards, emails and comments thank you - I'm very happy and surprised many a time and amazed all who remember me!
And it's always comforting to know that you are not alone with his pain!
I wish you all a happy and a happy, healthy New Year 2011 -
may your hopes and wishes come true!

And until we meet again (read) you firmly believe that God in his hand ...


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