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La Ragazza con la pistola (begins with guns is not men) in 1968, Mario Monicelli

In memory of Mario Monicelli , who attended the November 29, 2010 with 95 years of life:

Content: who lives in a Sicilian town Assunta (Monica Vitti) is accidentally by the cronies of the philanderer Vincenzo Macaluso ( Carlo Giuffrè) kidnapped and then seduced. The next morning, Vincent is gone and Assunta has brought shame to her family. Since she has no brother, she has to travel even to London, where Vincent works at a pizzeria to regain their honor and their family again, by making him shoot.

mistake with an address and a pistol she goes to London, but Vincenzo, who knows the customs of his homeland to escape, can. Assunta embarks on the arduous road of persecution and is confronted with modern life in London in the 60s ...

The scene has something strange in itself - while the first floor of one house only women of their time together spend, dance on the terrace of a neighboring house only men together. But one of them has something else in mind and sends two men with her car going to kidnap one of the women when they enter the street. The plan succeeds, even though the women ward off screaming, and Assunta (Monica Vitti) ends up with Vincenzo Macaluso (Carlo Giuffrè), a city famous seducer.

is surprised during this thing because he really wanted to abduct her sister, she is ready to defend their innocence with a knife. But she is dropping the weapon after only a short resistance, and spends the night with the 'man to the next day stated that he has slipped away. She also does not help to claim that they were cold as a stone remained - to their Honor to get it back, it must shoot Vincenzo, so they will be sent with a gun and some money to London, where it is to work in a pizzeria.

overexcited Just as the beginning of the film sounds like it Mario Monicelli also staged. Big emotions, wild facial expressions and sweeping gestures, accompanied by moral ideas that are on offer to inconsistency is difficult to meet the stereotype of the hot-blooded Sicilian, which is constantly torn between moral code and his feelings back and forth. Not a moment Assunta will spend alone with a man in a room to himself - when their resistance was broken - on the fan overthrow, which in turn is not a problem trying to seduce the unmarried, she would marry but then never, because - after she slept with him - a whore.

"La ragazza con la pistola" plays only in the first minutes of Sicily, for in Monicelli sent the young Sicilian woman in her vendetta to England, where the renegade lover was out fled, he still increased the discrepancy between the archaic morals Sicily and a country, the end of the 60s as the most liberal in the world was. Especially in Italy, England had a reputation in films, such as the pseudo-documentary "Inghilterra nuda (The Naked England) 1969 by Vittorio De Sisti, which were characterized by a mixture of sensationalism and moral criticism, manifested, but Monicellis film has nothing to do. On the contrary, "La ragazza con la pistola" a typical Monicelli, the most obvious comedy show actually hidden behind the drama is slow, but reveals the more effective. The film, in 1969 was for an Oscar as best foreign language film, vote, today was forgotten justified, particularly in that he was very much on the amount of his time, so we chose the development of the figure of the "Assunta" in the 60s have to think back to the movie today to feel not just silly.

How much the action and what was then thought in Germany have provoked, can be recognized by the German title "With guns to catch any men," who wants to, there are the comedic potential emphasize, on the other hand, the idea of the movie completely incorrect is . Not a moment to catch Assunta a man, but only the one shot with a pistol while it is instead the men who strive for the very good-looking young woman. This brings the different guys on a regular basis with their seemingly contradictory behavior to their minds and also for today's audience does Monica Vitti in her role at times annoying and illogical. However, this also applies to their entire environment, because Monicelli succeeds effortlessly England picture of "Swinging London", beat music, disco, trendy clothes, rugby and Jaguar to connect E with the arrogant behavior of the British, the Italians at that time were mainly migrant workers that the pizza served with arias or acted as a maid.

is basically it in England as to mislead, as in the beginning in Sicily, so the actual development Assuntas is hidden is that they come to rest and self-confidence. "La ragazza con la pistola" is nothing other than the description of an emancipation that ends with Assunta again with Vincenzo to bed rises, after it had long since desisted from shooting him to still want to abandon him afterwards, to go with another man (Stanley Baker) - the only one who behaved from the start on an equal footing, without which the film accurately identifies the direction in which their relationship will develop.

is from today's perspective, is nothing special anymore, so rather a long time in Sicilian values embossed, girlish affectation of the Assumption is remembered, but behind it hides Monicellis method, even in his comedies from the '50s such as " I soliti ignoti (Collinwood difficult), below the farce-like events, the finger in a species in the wound, put the illustrated its proximity to the neo-realism. Despite the turbulent events that from a man to the next chase, the development of the female role in "La ragazza con la pistola" From today's perspective, much more consistent than in most current films. Assunta needs at the end of a man, not even their origin has not influence on their actions, but is completely self-determined.

Mario Monicelli was acutely aware that the end of this magical, unrealistic trains had on him, why he did this in a comedic context, which - according to his cinematic tradition - under the guise of the entertainment film, the discrepancy at that role of women in Western society revealed. That has changed a lot since then, the movie takes some of its potential today, but it should not obstruct the view on a very independent, any moral finger avoid implementation of this theme, which, if you look closely not lost any explosiveness.

"La ragazza con la pistola" Italy 1968, Director: Mario Monicelli , writer: Luigi Magni, Ronald Harwood (English adaptation) , Actor: Monica Vitti, Carlo Giuffrè, Stanley Baker, Corin Redgrave, Deborah Stanford, Running time: 98 minutes

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