Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cooking Pasta In Electric Steamer

Whoever comes too late ...

... punished by life!
Yes, this saying has come true for me once again!
For weeks (months?) I'm looking for one (or two or three) Latte Cup (s) from the series Ingrid of Greengate .

how have you imagine, so far without success, since they can not be everywhere and hersgestellt sold out.
Last week I found any inventory in a Dutch online store. But early happy: the shipping costs were so incredibly high that I took from a distance order. Yesterday, the love has
Tanja (amtolula) is still trying to get that for me. But unfortunately they were sold out in the meantime there
:-( I've now ordered two latte cups Chloe Off White - who are also quite nice, but not like the other design ...

has led my search call with the greenhouse last year but also to success, I now try my luck here
So. has anyone of you have those cups and it need not (not very likely ... I know) or know a source?
Who is for me to wish fulfillers?

hoper greetings anja

You guys are great!
Many, many thanks for your effort and willingness to help!
Jasmine, did you especially a lot of trouble - I had already inquired about the shipping costs to Germany ...
And now the unbelievable: came three hours after my post the great news of Astrid - you are a treasure ... you've already "written a mail ...
Thank you all - you make my day!


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