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Interrabang 1969 Giuliano Biagetti

Content: On the way to a photo shoot that will take place on a Mediterranean island, hear the photographer Fabrizio (Corrado Pani), his model Margherita (Shoshanna Cohen) , his wife Anna and her sister Valeria on the radio that three thugs have broken out, of which there is still one at large. But Fabrizio, who gives cheerfully in front of his wife on the motor yacht Margarita, which not much attention.

Once on the island begins he photograph Margherita, until he calls out to his wife that the motor-yacht no longer starts. Of necessity, he takes the opportunity of a randomly passing motor boat to get gasoline, and can ensure that the three women on the island alone. He has no idea that a man hiding in the rocky coast, will soon get in touch with the women ...

Whoever thought up the film's title has had a good feel for the onomatopoeic implementation of a movie scene and also showed a sense of modernity. Not only you had under The term "Interrabang" a simultaneous question and exclamation marks understands, even the obvious associations with active sexual conduct, directly above the action.

This begins with an almost paradisiacal state, at least from the perspective of the photographer Fabrizio (Corrado Pani), who is talking with the model Margherita (Shoshanna Cohen) on a motor yacht plowed, which in bright sunshine, the blue sea. Canoodling it can also be set cries of his wife Anna (Beba Rancor) do not interfere with the drive the boat while they cool a cigarillo smokes. Also on board is still her sister Valeria (Haydée Politoff) which has a more cynical style of speech with Fabrizio maintains that it can bring a moment of rest.

The three women represent many different types, all of a manual could be removed for macho men - the model with the long dark mane that just for flirting and sex interested in is otherwise easily bored and their low interest in education and high-sounding talk openly on display. However, often called real woman, she denies once again the short-haired Valentina, reads books and discusses her face as she often twists into a smile. And Anna, the cool light-skinned blonde who is rational approach to all situations, why not also her husband is jealous, it can be like crack.

is common in women, however, that they are all very beautiful. After they have applied to a small, rocky island where Fabrizio his photo shoot begins, the camera takes the long shots of the three women she observed in the sun, the path over the rocks or in modeling. When Anna finds that the engine on the boat starts, Fabrizio takes the opportunity of a randomly passing motor boat to get gasoline. At least now includes the island, the sea and the camera only the Women.

One could see this phase of the film boring, but the opposite is the case, as accompanied by the summer, pleasing score Berto Pisano, Luciano Biagetti staged this drama very tasteful. In this case it was also the emergence period, end of the 60s counter, as an essential nudity was not a criterion. That the film is now a slightly old-fashioned, but very stylish touch. He also always a little scattered events, which attract the voltage imperceptibly. Valeria so discovered a dead police officers on the rocks without the other women to tell them something, or a police boat passes by, the search for a perpetrator of violence erupted, but not before the women be observed through binoculars. Alone the casual dialogue between the police and the blonde Anna is already worth the film.

The plot is starting to change in parallel as a strange man shows up who seems to hide at first between the rocks, but then open Margherita opposite occurs with the resident pretty boy also equal to a violent flirtation begins. He puts up against it when Marco (Umberto Orsini) which will be investigated here the isolation of the densities, and reportedly lives in a nearby house. Only exist in this part of the island no buildings, which the suspicion, especially by Anna confirmed that it could be with him to the dangerous, escaped convict.

"Interrabang" increasingly takes on characteristics of a classic Giallo, by playing a variety of possible combinations and conspiracies, and slowly makes it clear that lurk behind the faces of young women all summer gloomy thoughts. Loses the movie a moment his male gaze, because so much believe the women also, they are the ones that determine the game, so Marco has the reins - but as Fabrizio come back with the gasoline back to beat themselves the events.

The final phrases that tell the story again and again a different direction, constitute "Interrabang" no emancipation-thriller more, so much the women occur at times, beautiful, strong and confident. Ultimately, "Interrabang" a film for the discerning male voyeur - not particularly violent, pleasant pace and tension build, mood music, casual dialogue and beautifully staged, scantily clad woman's body - but never vulgar.

"Interrabang" Italy in 1969, Director: Giuliano Biagetti, Screenplay: Luciano Lucignani, Starring: Haydee Politoff, Corrado Pani, Shoshanna Cohen, Beba Rancor, Umberto Orsini, Running time: 88 minutes


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