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Il profumo della signora in nero (Perfume of the Lady in Black) 1974 Francesco I ragazzi della Barilli

Content: Silvia Hacherman (Mimsy Farmer) who lives alone in a large apartment in a stately old building. Apart from its neighbors, Signor Rossetti (Mario Scaccia), and the young Francesca (Donna Jordan), it has only a few people contact and also her boyfriend Roberto (Maurizio Bonuglia) has a hard time with it. For Silvia is like to be alone and retreats into her apartment. When she is awakened after an evening with Roberto until the next morning by her housekeeper, she is frightened, for she had never slept so long. In addition, the old family picture is with splintered frame on the ground, so it in for repair gives away.

The strange events accumulate faces and Silvia are many people who apparently are not real. Increasingly, they feel their environment as a threat, but the danger is lurking in her apartment in the refuge is ...

When Francesco Barilli with "Il profumo della signora in nero" made his first film, despite his youth he had already worked as an actor, assistant director and script writer collected. The film, in addition to "Pensione paura" of 1977, his only Film remained is regrettable in view of his qualities as a director, also illustrates the intense relationship with his few works.

Silvia Hachermann embodied by the American actress Mimsy Farmer is in Barilli staged in a way that reflects a direct emotional appeal to the self-conceived central character. It is not only the female beauty, the flowing clothes, the easy path and the graceful movements that create that impression, but an aura of loneliness and vulnerability, Silvia surrounded by the first moment. Although outwardly socially integrated - it has a well-paid job with Roberto (Maurizio Bonuglia) an attractive, educated friend - it never seems like a part of that reality. Even sexually she is beyond a crude map - the few moments of their nakedness lacks any voyeuristic painting, as the only sexual acts with her boyfriend almost rough in its immediacy, so even the alienation between Silvia and Roberto clarification.

Barillis look at this female figure translates into a sort on the viewer, which characterizes the identification with her character by a less close than the witnessing of their solitary situation. Even in the first very aesthetic images, accompanied by a simultaneously old-fashioned how mysterious sounding repetitive, music, builds up an inner tension and is one of their very orderly, peaceful life. This pace keeps Barilli over the entire period, does not expire in fast movements, but persists even in the moments of horror in a calm that never gives itself the banality of a reality.

The Silvia surrounding figures alongside Roberto especially the lovely Francesca (Donna Jordan), who also lives in her house, the father's neighbor Signor Rossetti (Mario Scaccia) or Andy (Jho Jhenkins) , a friend of Roberto, Silvia with his stories frightened about African cult activities are extremely friendly and well behaved, but the film it focuses increasingly Silvia's view, by which all outsiders threatening. This is the film manages to restore confidence in the people with whom Silvia is friends with change - skepticism causing people prove to be trustworthy, protective people suddenly seem dangerous. But the film is never really concrete, but always retains the impression of a sense of subjectivity shaped by Silvia.

This also applies to their past, and so psychologically they strongly formative events of their childhood that Barilli never pursued an enlightened gesture, but only by hints, real-looking links and the appearance of a mysterious lady in black, sprinkled with perfume - Silvia's mother, obviously. These scenes seem, especially when Silvia with himself as the child has to give a clear indication of the spiritual confusion of the protagonist, but the film refuses won a clear classification of this behavior - it is her deteriorating mental state, as her friend Roberto suspected, or just a reaction to a real threat to Environment?

The slowly-increasing risk of accumulating the confusing events elude conventional explanations and an understandable logic, since Barilli never can be quite clear whether they take place indoors or outdoors. This is ultimately the final scene, which is apparently in a more gross effects of shock from the frame - less by concrete action rather than by its realistic painting, of a moment away from the aesthetics of the film takes on an unreal and cold. But the darkness of the end from which the viewer is looking at the distant glimpse Silvia, suggests that that the terror not yet completed.

"Il profumo della signora in nero" Italy 1974 Director: Francesco Barilli, ; writer: Francesco Barilli, Barbara Alberti, Amedeo Pagani , Actor: Mimsy Farmer, Maurizio Bonuglia , Mario Scaccia, Jho Jhenkins, Donna Jordan, Running time: 99 minutes

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