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Roma violenta 1976 Renato Savino

Content: While one of them an orgasm just playing on the pinball machines presents, preparing Marco (Gino Milli) have the next item on the program for its neo-fascist followers before. Ironically, Enrico, his friend and club member, should have become involved with a young woman who comes from a communist family. This is a severe violation of internal rules and must be punished.

Gianna (Christina Businari) and Dido are to follow the two and caught them having sex. But as they observe them, they are themselves victims of a robbery in which Gianna is raped by gorilla (Gino Barzacchi). Marco knows that Gorilla is part of the passage of Schizzo (Emilio Locurcio), which - unlike the from wealthy families coming fascists - comply with petty theft of water. After Marco gorilla has beaten is Nerone and his girlfriend brought to their internal court ...

As Renato Savino 1976 "I ragazzi della Roma violenta" (literally "The youth of a violent Rome") he made, he was on the amount of time, which he in the opening minutes with a documentary paints still wanted to emphasize. The survey of citizens for a response to rising youth crime, brought next to helpless responses only called for a harsher punishment. Multiple of the passer was the reintroduction of the death penalty.

are representative such statements are not, of course, but they fit in one phase, the mid-70s, in the terrorist attacks, student protests, labor unrest, free sexuality, and to emancipating youth to a deep uncertainty contributed to the population, had provoked in the minds of the most adventurous speculations. It was a conglomerate of realistic tendencies, such as the resurgence of fascist thinking, a post-war youth, who could careless living from the fruits of their parents and a rising crime rate, which - mixed compacted to the image of a brutalized, decadent youth - with wild sexual fantasies. Especially popular was the type of the offspring of wealthy parents, who raped and murdered out of sheer boredom.

While intelligent films like "Fango bollente" traces this development in an increasingly jaded citizenship recognized, or "ore San Babila 20 UN delitto inutile" Carlo Lizzani into an incisive eye on the neo-fascist youth accused made use of other movies these tendencies to either sex comedies, such as L'tutor " , or crime movies like " Roma l'altra faccia della violenza " (The bloody games of the rich), which not only has the title already significant similarities to "I ragazzi della Roma violenta". Even there, the senseless killings and rape of a decadent youth is discussed, but additionally embedded into a classic police story.

holds itself with such trivialities Renato Savino not even on that pretty much everything packed into it in his film, which was just announced - fascism, rich and poor youth, torture, physical violence, and lots of sex. The sheer number of naked women's bodies would have been enough for the glory of each sex film, only that it does not Savino celebrated in a quiet, longer settings, such as when consensual sex, but almost exclusively with violence.

Even the opening scenes give a foretaste of the coming events. While the group of young neo-fascists, led by Marco (Gino Milli) gather in their marked with swastikas and pictures of Adolf Hitler premises, leading from one of them, as he gets the game on the pinball machines orgasm. The beautiful Gianna (Christina Businari) who feels aggrieved in their honor checks to himself that her friend actually prefers the device a real woman. A little later she is on an observation post to jointly review with the pinball lover, the love affair of a club member with the daughter of a Communist - a crime worthy of punishment according to the strict rules of the neo-fascist group.

As they get turned on by the sight of the loving couple, she is the victim of an attack from Gorilla (Gino Barzacchi) and two companions, they rape, which Gianna does not come quite inconvenient. Gorilla is part of the passage of Schizzo (Emilio Locurcio), knows the Marco from jail and is friends with him. While gorillas still with his actions and does not mention that indicates how well Gianna had fallen, appears to Marco at Schizzo and suggests Gorilla together in a duel, which interferes with the other band members do not continue, including the masochistic assessed Nerone (Marco Zuanelli), the mutilated likes himself. When Marco is a cozy gathering briefly explained his right-wing political views (the only time in the film), it's back to business as usual. In an internal trial, he condemned his breakaway companions to Enrico, to flog themselves, while his girlfriend and uncover must sleep before Enrico's eyes with another member of the fascists must.

That sounds not only crude, but is in such a fast pace in a row away told that you could easily recognize in it an ironic exaggeration when Savino would take in between is not always so damn seriously. So it is completely mistaken, that Marco suddenly at night in bed the girl from the Communist family shows up and sleeps on the ground with her that she would now include all group members. It still looks like she puts her arms around him and kisses him, but why throw then the next day, suddenly the train? - Considering-catching, run by one of the events that has such a drama set up completely, even if it - look at things seriously - is understandable. could

focuses After these events, the film more on the characters Marco and Schizzo, not their lives be more different. While Marco is in the new Jaguar driving, rumärgert with his parents, who are to give him money without having to annoy him further Schizzo hardly know how he gets something to eat. This situation raises the film to the abstruse, if Schizzo lends extra a harpoon, in order to catch a roasted chicken, is caught and the dealer's sister, a prostitute for the evening has to promise to eat the chicken should. Their pimps agrees to the deal turn on only when Schizzo a negligee for her concern, which succeeds because the slitting his buddy Nerone in the clothing business, the arms with razor blades. This entire sequence is wrong so that it no one can take seriously, and culminates in the tooth to still Marcos harassment of an anarchist professor, his students should no longer influence with leftist slogans. During that cries out in pain, the film is constantly changing for sex scene with Schizzos sister, so the groans of the professor replaced the groans of the suitor.

But instead the story continues drive in this absurd form of progress, the film lapses back into clumsy sincerity. Increasingly, developed Marco Kill - fantasies during sex, which converts the film also detailed image. Parallel start both Schizzo and Marco to pursue a plan that will end in a specific rape. This approach lacks any irony or cannot, but is still unpleasant. But by no means realistic in a confrontation, but in the manifest, to be satisfied with this voyeuristic needs. This hypocrisy tops Savino finally look so by returning again to the nature of the journalistic survey of the beginning and the viewer with a text panel responds directly to what this is going to do against this type of youth crime - as if there had been any serious work in this film with this subject.

From today's perspective, it is relatively easy, "I ragazzi della Roma violenta" as absurd sex violence fantasy with a trimmed political message to dismiss, which can be viewed much in the spirit of the times out and is more unintentionally funny. This does not change the fact that Renato Savino his concoction quite serious, not commenting on the critical demands of the passers-by for the death penalty with the content of his film and ultimately to no prejudice on an allegedly completely out of joint youth waived, the fascist element rather folkloric works. Is finally revealing itself to the film but in the fact that he wanted to meet, especially the sensationalism and voyeurism of its viewers.

"I ragazzi della Roma violenta" Italy 197 6, Director: Renato Savino, writer: Renato Savino, ; Starring: Gino Milli, Christina Businari, Emilio Locurcio, Gino Barzacchi, Marco Zuanelli, Duration: 87 minutes


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