Friday, October 9, 2009

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Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone Firmware 3.1.2 at AppuloHa1l

Who is in the iPhone more than two years, is still remember the times when there were several at the same tool to unlock and jailbreak. They had no overview more about which one is best iPhone free from his chains. Almost as it looks today: a lot of teams, many tools. In addition to the Dev Team and other teams GeoHot now are the latest firmware to 3.1.2 to allow the jailbreak and unlock the modem 05:11:07. In recent days, is observed mainly in Twitter by iH8sn0w the development of its tools, which should not only support the iPhone and iPhone 3G, but also the iPhone3GS OTB.

AppuloHa1l goes further and tells in his blog that both the current jailbroken firmware 3.1.2 already and the new modem firmware is unlocked 5:11:07. Where it makes no difference whether the iPhone3GS OTB or was already jailbroken. This differs from AppuloHa1l Pwnage Tool from the Dev team.

And if it was not enough. The tool ferociousbird it should be possible to the new iPhone3GS unlock with the current baseband software. Whether the iPhone has already shipped with firmware 3.1 (OTB) or already jailbroken had made no difference.

More joy provides the message about the fact that the AppuloHa1l team has managed to patch the tethering feature in the firmware 3.1.

The release date is planned for this Sunday.


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