Thursday, October 1, 2009

Should I Scan A Signature On To My Cover Letter?

Steve Ballmer on Apple's market share, pricing, and the browser market

consistently brings to Steve Ballmer in each interview, the argument that Apple's products are too expensive. This corresponds exactly to Microsoft's advertising campaign, which is also targeted primarily at the price of new Macs. Ballmer's assessment indicates the high price has discouraged many customers. Apple is expensive, however, Microsoft gains market share. In the comparison between Mac and Windows it is not about Snow Leopard, but only Windows PCs against Macs that simply are by definition expensive. The many market researchers measured, increasing Apple's market share Ballmer holds only for a rounding error. These apply equally to Google's Chrome browser. The only really successful browser in addition to Internet Explorer is Firefox. While Apple's sales figures were
at the beginning of the year actually significantly higher than in the previous year, the situation improved again soon, and Apple was able to enjoy high growth rates over again. The sales figures were well above the Snow Leopard, which Apple had done with Leopard and Tiger. Steve Ballmer's recent statements in the interview are almost identical to the opinion a few months ago, when he actually weaker sales of Apple Notebook could lead to the field.


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