Saturday, October 3, 2009

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out for FCC short time, new mouse and new keyboard from Apple on

The rumors about the next Mighty Mouse are only a few hours old, since there is already a confirmation. For very short time was on the pages of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) already an entry for the new Mighty Mouse and the successor to the current keyboard . The error was indeed very fast, so the pages are available now defunct, however, this early release will be seen as almost certain proof soon forthcoming innovations. Denominated by the FFC-called model numbers A1314 and A1296, however, the current models are labeled A1255 and A1197. The keyboard is of its dimensions apparently even smaller than the currently available model. After
but are clearly no different from the sketch of the current model, one must be careful to draw further conclusions. In the sketches, unfortunately, only the bottom of the device to see, so it is still exciting, for which design chose Apple. The keyboard, the possibilities are limited, however, the mouse might differ quite markedly from the currently sold Mighty Mouse. If one is to the recent rumors to be believed, we also know in the latest three weeks more


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