Monday, November 9, 2009

Blauwdrukken Halfpipe Nl

epiphany of death

I'm just about why the Kevin Young tättoowiert had on his arm (remember, otherwise: link) and came to a startling Cognitions: Maybe called his son Kevin!

I would be wrong with my estimate that the young duos was only 14, but such things can happen even once, also one has to hear enough of teen pregnancies.
The poor children ...
Well, I probably will get no answer to the question of why the fat boy had displayed the name of Kevin on his arm (unless he runs to me again on the way), but at least we know since the Simpsons movie is all what an epiphany ("Thank woman with monster tits.")

So Ghetto another small anecdote:
at the box office hit in the supermarket. The man behind us bought 6 bottles of corn and 5 cans of beer.


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