Sunday, November 8, 2009

Herpes Around My Waist?


Yippie Yeah the ghetto shopping center, a new store has opened. The (drum roll) INFERNO MEGASTORE ! Yeah, if "1 €-Laden" as a name no longer cool enough.
The shop is not even completely set up already storm the first people of the greed-is-cool generation the store. There are all crap: cheap cookbooks, children's books, a bear on a seemingly strange sexual poses a small kitten sits. When I look at this strange figure of the shopkeeper standing next to me and says, "Isse sweet niche?"
But the next day the store was probably its best products. Art prints. Van Gogh
€ 1
Fundementalistisch seemingly praying Muslim children 1 €

grandchildren eyes from Mecca
pearls before swine


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