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Genoa at gunpoint 1976 Mario Lanfranchi

Content: The "Americans" (Tony Lo Bianco) has trouble - until he is beaten in the hall together, then tried to push him a car before a machine gun salvo fired at him. The police does not intervene. On the contrary, will Commissario Logallo (Adolfo Celi), who knows him from before, when the "American" itself was still a policeman, know of him, to which case he is working in Genoa as a private investigator. And he'd love to return it immediately to the U.S..

only after long resistance, he said the "Americans" that he was asked by Marta Mayer (Maud Adams), find out who her father was kidnapped and murdered. She also wants the high ransom have back what apparently some do not like ...

If early man (Tony Lo Bianco) casual stroll through the streets of Genoa, this impression is misleading. Commissario Logallo (Adolfo Celi) know him a long time and can watch it. He calls it the only "Americans" - An ex-cop with Italian ancestors, with whom he used to work together and whose presence in Genoa, he would like to know more.

As the "American" returns to his apartment, the film is the same in all the stops - he is expected by some men who together beat him brutally before her boss, a gangster of French origin, the ash of his cigarette on the ground fall man lying leaves. Director and writer Mario Lanfranchi leaves no doubt whatsoever from the beginning because a low blow after another will follow, but the "Americans" will never again be on the ground. As of now, it determines the action and his good humor it is not more leave.

Although until the end of 40, turned Mario Lanfranchi with "Genova a mano armata" in 1977 and his second last film was the last time as an actor. He became known already in the 50s as a producer and director who promoted the career of opera singer Anna Moffo, his future wife. With her in the lead role, he directed numerous operas for television or film, but in parallel, he played minor roles in several action movies and spaghetti westerns, before he "Sentenza di morte" self-realized by such. This experimentation, he remained loyal, and concerned more with a drama ("Il bacio") and a frivolous comedy ("La padrona รจ servita") before he took his first Poliziesco addressed.

this pleasure in every moment of the film genre is to be noted, for Lanfranchi does not keep up with a complex story, but focuses on constant action and witty dialogue. Leave, he can draw on his two protagonists, as if to meet the Commissario and the "Americans" to each other, will laugh, no matter how tricky the situation is even. Both seem to be fond in deep aversion, to save themselves sometimes each other's lives to the next moment to let go of disrespectful remarks. While Adolfo Celi it makes a normal stable figure, Tony Lo Bianco convinced by high speed, which never loses its permeability.

his side joined by Maud Adams as mysterious mandates, their role from the beginning applied to it is that you believe not a word, but like to be watching. With it, make the "American" frivolous dialogue that are always enriched with enough cynicism with which the character of the film is well characterized. Lanfranchi makes accordingly not before vigilante wait, what, given the high mortality rate, however, is negligible and only the intention Lanfranchis underlines possible to omit any genre element. The lack of seriousness of the events is particularly clear when the "American" a shot of heroin is in order to reach addicts than in a hospital, where he believed the people behind the kidnapping, which he hopes to elucidate. Once there, it has nothing on it, just go back to being active, as if he had previously taken a light sleep.

about such logic weaknesses you can ignore safely, as well as the constant presence of the police the right place at almost the right time somewhat contrived acts as a crucial new element is the port city of Genoa, the way around the track mentioned. Lanfranchi succeeds in convincing the city in its pursuit and shootings involve, giving that crazy event a real reference point. Genoa acts dusty and gray, conveying an impressive 70's atmosphere with its high roads, industrial plants and concrete buildings.

"Genova a mano armata" is not a cleverly narrated police thriller, as it lacks any socially critical importance but is using its stringent and not entitled to the logic told storyline for series of constant action that has all the elements one by a Poliziesco expected. Lanfranchi director lives here in full and can rely on his good mood actors, who provide an overall entertaining experience.

"Genova a mano armata" Italy 1976 Director: Mario Lanfranchi, writer: Mario Lanfranchi, Starring: Tony Lo Bianco , Adolfo Celi, Maud Adams, Barbara Vittoria Calori, Howard Ross, Running time: 83 minutes


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