Monday, May 31, 2010

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monopoly abuse: U.S. Attorney collects evidence against Apple

How iTunes anti-competitive act, the U.S. Justice Department has been investigated for some time, now will be Apple's business practices in terms iPad , Flash and other media more precisely under the microscope. Especially with Apple's stance on Adobe / Flash, the company had drawn the ire of Medienindstrie on, so a Hollywood insider.

The anger is just Apple little disturbing, a number of media partners, which is now the DOJ information relating to possible anti-competitive behavior Apples requests, are more likely. under the magnifying glass next to iTunes, Apple's policy towards iPad developers is taken, the focus should be on the technical limitations, however, the Apple iPad for the content to provide.

"If Apple says, to extend its monopoly with the iPad connection, then it should consider the history of other fenced gardens" , the New York Post quoted an insider. Of a prolonged discussion it is a completely new turn after the content industry has the call came, every day Steve Jobs for iPad and its restrictive (and publishing- and to thank friendly sales) platform.


Sun all know the media industry is therefore still not what it wants - open platforms on which she laments the lack of monetization opportunities and potential piracy opportunities, or closed systems, which is subsequently subjected to abuse of monopoly power to the head.


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