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Clean My White G Shock

La smagliatura (The third degree) 1975 Peter Fleischmann

Content: Georgis (Ugo Tognazzi) is arrested in his small hometown sports cafe and taken to the headquarters of the secret police. In a travel agency working, unassuming man has all his clothes and change is the chief of police for questioning brought. This asks him only after his release, but Georgis do not know what he is talking to him this concrete faced with the accusation of being a member of a banned underground organization. As Georgis still protested his innocence, ordered the police chief, have transported him the next day in the capital to continue to interrogate him there.

After they had given him back his clothes, he is in the early morning by the inspector (Michel Piccoli) being received, with him in the car of the "manager" (Mario Adorf) enter, who immediately towards capital departs. But the desert journey is not long because the car is a breakdown in a small town located by the sea. While the manager tried to repair, accept the relationship between the inspector and Georgis friendly features. The inspector seems to believe his protestations of innocence ...

in yet thought of his girlfriend (Adriana Asti), with whom he had just sex, paints Georgis (Ugo Tognazzi) two circles with a dot in the middle on his napkin in the sport - Caf'e, where he filed a small pause before he plans to return to his job in the travel agency. Suddenly he is pulled out, as it another guest, who came from the toilet, occurs on the foot. After a brief dispute, the Georgis calms down and decides to go to his job. But there he will not arrive, because even in the café, he was arrested by the secret police and taken to the headquarters of the Greek town.

Greek town? - "Greece" is never mentioned in the French - Italian - German co-production from 1975, but in the real context in which the action took place, there is no doubt. Director Peter Fleischmann, had filmed a year after the end of the dictatorship in Greece, the Roman writer of the Athens Antonis Samarakis on-site with mostly local actors. Only the three protagonists - Georgis and him in the capital (Athens) accompanying intelligence - were represented by three Italian-born actors, including, in addition to Ugo Tognazzi, Michel Piccoli, Mario Adorf, each producing countries are represented.

Fleischmann's intention seems to be critical in the first scene to manifest, while still running the credits. Two police cars stop in front of a multi-storey residential building. While the police go down the staircase, a man climbs up onto the balcony and throws himself in front of the crying wife to death. The camera remains on the site an impartial outsider who only sees the effects. Internal processes are not clear, but it is obvious that the husband dear to his death, rushed to leave when arrested by the troops of the inspector (Michel Piccoli). And no one took notice of it, much less intrusive.

The reasons for arrest Georgis fit into this dictatorial arbitrariness and disregard for human rights. He is accused of being a member of a banned underground organization, which the police chief (Dimos Starenios) founded with his circle drawings. have been the kick on the foot is also a prearranged signal. Despite Georgis humble attitude and Protestation of his innocence act, the police chief to let him take the next day in the capital. Georgis know what that means, because the methods used there have been any made to speak - whether he knew anything or not.

1975 was Peter Fleischmann in good company of ambitious politicians - Films. Director Costa - Gavras had already shot the late 60s with "Z" an exemplary film about the dictatorship of his native country Greece, and 1973 with " The Invisible Insurrection conditions in South America exposed. Damiano Damiani, Elio Petri and Francesco Rosi had also fundamentally superior works on the gradual deterioration of civil rights in favor of political and economic power interests in Italy are carrying, but Fleischmann chose an independent path, the less illuminated the classic consequences of dictatorship, but from the time when the Two police officers of the CIA and Georgis leave the town, some bizarre traits takes.

It starts with the fact that Mario Adorf as Marciallo "(German" Manager ") with his tuned car drives off, as if he were at a rally. The way the three men together on the front bench sit, has little of the appearance of a prisoner transport. This also applies to the conduct in which the quiet, very friendly with Georgis immediate Michel Piccoli, gets increasingly armed with the rough, slightly plebby Mario Adorf, which are relentlessly driven car promptly in a small village remains. During the "Manager" can be transported by truck on to organize a repair, the inspector and Georgis stay behind alone and start making friends.

So it seems, but Fleischmann makes no secret of the fact that it is the many strange incidents to no coincidences. Only is never quite clear who here with whom and in what way does, because Georgis is not the harmless fellow traveler, as he seems a long time. Although are especially Michel Piccoli and Ugo Tognazzi in the center of the intensifying action while Mario Adorf plays the role as the immediate threat, but real protagonist is the police chief, before seem to have not only his subordinates hell of fear, but the Peter Fleischmann twice extensively with the opportunity to philosophize about the power of the state and the role of the police.

The dictatorship in Greece ended in 1975, but Fleischmann chose not aware of country referred to only as background for a general discussion of the internal structures of power abuse. Therefore, the German title "The Third Degree" - despite its allusion to a particular interrogation method - an unfortunate choice, while the Italian title "La smagliatura" (or the French equivalent of "La faille") refers to much more precisely what it was Fleischmann. It is the "laddering," or small errors that remain available, thanks to the human factor in operational system, such as the police chief running. The great achievement of police work is that - as he proclaimed in the style of an ambitious artist - Remove these.

La smagliatura " France, Italy, Germany, 1975, Director: Peter Fleischmann, writer: Peter Fleischmann, Antonis Samarakis (Amendment), Starring: Ugo Tognazzi, Michel Piccoli, Mario Adorf, Adriana Asti, Dimos Starenios, Runtime: 102 minutes


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