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Antonioni (Vallanzasca's Gang) 1977 Mario Bianchi

Content: When she was responsible for the death of a prisoner wants to use Roberto (Enzo Pulcrano) and Italian (Gianni Diana) seized the opportunity to overpower two guards and escape from prison. While they may settle successfully, but when they get weapons at a Roberto's contact man, they get in trouble once again. However, not all fault, because her idea to rob the same or the wedding party comes quickly to the superior resistance of the bodyguard of the crime boss whose daughter has just married. When they do

make them ready, they come as a surprise to the aid of another gang, which frees them from the violence of the gangsters. Even this was not entirely altruistic, because their interests are the two escapees, which should provide a few jobs. When both freshly decked with suits and new papers on the way to their destination, they run into a police check ...

Mario Bianchi's intentions, more than 30 years after creation of the film "La banda Vallanzasca" to describe exactly, remains speculative, but there is sufficient evidence that the otherwise rather the easy erotic food facing director who later turned some hardcore porn, the real events in Italy in the mid 70s, also were not cold. Specifically he speaks

in the final Comment by a police officer's chaotic, and ultimately even the democratic polluting conditions in Italy provoked by a rampant and uncontrollable crime expectant. With this statement he ennobled an action, previously ranked in unrestrained form of a criminal act to another, without which the police were ever in control. That this is not a mere misnomer becomes clear in further details, especially on the title of the film.

When Renato Vallanzasca it was a criminal who in the 70s became famous in Italy. At a very young noticed criminal, he was nicknamed "The beautiful Rene," because of its pleasant Appearance and his success with women. In fact, he used the stolen money especially for a luxurious lifestyle, which earned him sympathy in the population. As a tough crime boss, he came to less, even if it because of several murders in which he might have been involved until now sits in jail. It sounds superficially odd that Bianchi's name for a movie, uses not located in the Vallanzasca occurs.

Surely he sat thus on the then existing popularity, but whose name is here symbolic of an anonymous Eminence, which pulls the strings in the background, while all other persons acting as chess pieces, can be waived if necessary. Although "La banda Vallanzasca" otherwise straightforward and not very mysterious, comes along, it remains concealed in this point, which stresses the paranoid atmosphere even Bianchi. How serious he is so is often interested in his standards very sparingly used, two soft - Adult - scenes clearly in some versions, the deal cut. In particular, the copulating couple, that just the refuge of the two escaped prisoners chose for his lovemaking is superfluous. Roberto's (Enzo Pulcrano) tantrum when he remarked, is not only counterproductive, but also not fit to his otherwise serene character.

He had previously broken out with his cell mate Italo (Gianni Diana) from the city jail when the guards tried them foist a murder of a fellow prisoner, who was murdered by order of a crime boss by hired criminals was. Bianchi puts in his film before an idiosyncratic pace, by scenes in which it before action crashes the only way, making it to their inner logic, sometimes hitch, with long passages connects, in which the protagonists are shown in detail here, how to drive a car or bus, or just go on foot. These are rhythmic, contemporary music highlighted that give the film a dynamic blend of reality and fiction, which is centered on Roberto, who tries to go its own way.

Ultimately it receives from the ominous gang the order to kidnap the daughter of good family, to extort a ransom - a scenario that clear parallels with the previous year published "La Orca" of Eriprando Visconti has, without having its psychological subtlety. Bianchi is - as the whole movie before - anything gross - the flaunted nakedness of the victim, horny, nasty sidekick, who always harassed (although completely unnachvollziehbar a female contact even with him going to bed) and the superficial lasting sympathy between the young woman and Roberto, promoting more for them . But the basic message they resemble each other again. As in "La Orca" , the kidnappers held out of the backers for weeks and received no information about the ransom handover.

"La banda Vallanzasca" has in the various action scenes certainly over a certain Trash - potential, but overall he gives a convincing paranoid atmosphere. Actor Enzo Pulcrano sympathies can acquire a lone soldier who has a criminal within society still has a modicum of morality. And even if the film does not completely deny Bianchi's other practices, surprised, "La banda Vallanzasca" consistent with his view.

"La banda Vallanzasca" Italy 1977, Director: Mario Bianchi , writer: Mario Bianchi, Starring: Enzo Pulcrano, Gianni Diana, Stefania D'Amario, Antonella Dogan, Franco Garofalo, Runtime: 95 minutes


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