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Trhauma (trauma) 1980 Gianni Martucci

Content: Lilly (Domitilla Cavazza) and her Andrea Mann (Gaetano Russo) have invited guests to their country house. But under the outwardly relaxed atmosphere the pool is brewing, because Lilly is annoyed that her husband constantly throws out their money, especially for his pathological gambling. The clean-up costs of the house that her husband had bought exceed significantly the proposed budget. Worse, there are between the photographer Paul (Timothy Wood) and his model Olga (Anna Maria Chiatante), which will be ordered around not far from this, and walks away offended. But their path leads directly to death ...

act as sympathetic people who wake up in the morning on a gorgeous country estate to swim in a large pool, while giving them a Breakfast is served, indicating above all critical words about the condition of the building and the annoying mosquitoes away? - In addition to the host couple Lilly (Domitilla Cavazza), type beautiful blonde, and Andrea (Gaetano Russo), type slick pretty boy, are still the photographer Paul (Timothy Wood), his model Olga (Anna Maria Chiatante), the wealthy, older Silvia (Silvia Mauri) and her much younger lover Carlo (Roberto Posse), and - slightly late arriving - the overweight Bitto (Diogene Franco) and his young and pretty secretary, Helen (Gina Mancinelli) on the solitary system.

writer and director Gianni Martucci (here under the pseudonym John Martucc) designed with this situation, a variant of Agatha Christie classic "Ten Little Niggers" principle that also during the then current "Slasher - wave" was . Accordingly, some parallels with "Friday the 13th" seen as perpetrators by which it is in "Trhauma," is clear from the beginning. In an opening scene that illuminates according to the classical model of operations in the past, two boys about 10 years of playing will be shown. This is the one, obviously blind in one eye boy of the other is driven to a test of courage. When he falls on high out of a tree, the other has nothing but contempt for the left seriously injured and leaves him . Back in the present we see the half-blind man who also drags one leg, playing with Lego - stones - and the typical picture of a disturbed man (Per Holgher), the little lurking unexpectedly in the bushes, as undress the female guests of the villa .

shows especially Olga in detail in the best of nudity, but it is also the first independent film seen. Their Poses for which it is caused by the arrogant photographer Paul are pure work, to which it obviously has no desire. Martucci designs here an overall image of sexuality that will never be celebrated with joy, but only for selfish reasons. Unlike the so-called "Teen - Slash" act here adult actors, their relations can only be described as disturbed. That Olga first to fall victim to fits, although apparently in the classical scheme of punishment from the perpetrators, but to return immediately, as the deaths of abused it. The motivation of the murderer was at least partially in his personal satisfaction, but that is more behind it, is obvious when he by a stranger after two new Lego brick - will be rewarded packs.

The murderer, while the film never identified by name, is obviously only the tool of the actual perpetrator, giving the story the necessary consistency, because from the beginning shown childhood experience and his mental disability, can be difficult to deduce why he suddenly begins to assassinate the guests of a country house. Nevertheless, this scene answered the question of the responsibility, because it illustrates the power of the other boys about him, so this was cut out to be harmless scene in many versions. This certainly gives the film a surprise at the end of the action takes him but much of its quality, because the behaviors and motives of the protagonists remain here always comprehensible.

It is therefore not so much the question of the perpetrator, as well as the identification with the parties is difficult, since they can to convince hostess Lilly, remain unsympathetic, but the atmosphere, with the "Trhauma. The idyllic landscape and the magnificent country house transformed in the dark in a claustrophobic place. And since Martucci after receiving death Olga at once with enough time, there are plenty of opportunities to create tension, which also contributes to the fact that no one knows about it. Olga is there, but the others think long that they offended in the city went back after they had argued with the photographer.

"Trhauma" is certainly not an exceptional contribution to the then aufebbenden "Slasher - wave". The half-crazed offender with his curly hair does not particularly frightening, the murders are not shown explicitly (especially from the killing of a shepherd dog, which bothered him during intercourse was necrophiliac) but the combination of menacing atmosphere, and generally disturbed sexuality is convincing.

" Trhauma" Italy 1980, directed by Gianni Martucci, Screenplay: Gianni Martucci, Starring: Gaetano Russo, Domitilla Cavazza, Roberto Posse, Timothy Wood, Per Holgher, Duration: 78 minutes


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