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Il bestione ( The clever two) 1974 Sergio Corbucci

Content: have When Sandro (Michel Constantin) and his partner stopped transport Matteo their journey, they do not yet know that their last common carriers for their transport company was. When a health test Matteo is discarded as too old and that will now go Nino (Giancarlo Giannini) with Sandro. The younger man turns out to be but as sent at the wheel, but also as a pretty talkative why Sandro first ignored him and doing his own thing. But after their first long trip in Warsaw Come closer ...

Il Bestione "begins with a long fart, as Sandro Colautti (Michel Constantin) is increasing on the Italian border from his truck. But appearances are deceptive, because Sergio Corbuccis Trucker - movie is not a comedy, as it tries to convey also the German title, but a drama, as it was able to occur almost exclusively in the 70's. "Beast" (Il Bestione) Sandro affectionately calls the truck, with he and his partner Matteo (Enzo Fiermonte) as an employee of a carrier on the road.

But for Matteo was the last trip he had taken, for in the regular health screening, which must be subject to the driver, he is rejected as too old. Instead of jumping young Nino (Giancarlo Giannini) on the box, as Sandro will take the next tour. Although he quickly proves how well he can handle the car, but the older Sandy is his driving style to be brash and quick to mouth. The way "Il Bestione" based learning about two different men, recalls in his swing that disrespectful language and some crude first events in a typical detached "Buddy" - comedy material.

After Sandro Nino had run up a few times in language, they end up in a truck - restaurant, where Corbucci gleefully watching the men on the mouth and watched them consume large Essmengen. Sandro later disappears with the waitress in a back room while Nino tries to fool two Dutchmen playing pool. First, the novice marking, he pocketed the balls with a shock as it is about money. Not surprising that the Dutch beat up on him now and relieve him of his money.

Corbucci These events serve only as a description of a very male-dominated World of truck drivers, which he differentiated later in the trip to Warsaw. The confrontation with the Dutch in this context only the importance of small details on the much later he comes back again shortly. In addition to random love affairs along the road and short pleasures in the trucker - pub, the work consists mainly of monotony and the respect of travel times, so Nino, as he does not adhere to the appointed length of the pause, suddenly is no trucks on the road. His pursuit Tripp as a hitchhiker is a certain comic, but his wit helps him in Warsaw no longer continue.

The scenery in the Eastern Bloc is uncanny. While the experienced Sandro armed with a bouquet, once a young woman goes, he visited here regularly, trying Nino time to exit the next day to sell. In the middle of the night he finally ends up back at the despair of loneliness drunk sleeping Sandro, he had followed in his path to the apartment of the young woman, and even sleeps with her. The dispute in the morning is just between the men, as Sandro knows Ninos sensations. The sexual interactions that Corbucci describes here are only consequences of broken relationships because of a not family-friendly jobs and distraction from the loneliness. Accordingly, unromantic and demanding he staged here sex.

increasingly interlinked Corbucci his men story with real events of the early 70s in Italy. Sandy learns that his old partner Matteo receives no pension and is forced to live with his sister. When he then appeals to the union, it can only shrug their shoulders and declare their helplessness. Similar to the convoluted Western "Il grande silenzio" (corpses pave its way), it also succeeds in Corbucci Il bestione "his entertaining Style to maintain, without sparing the realistic conditions. It is thanks to Giancarlo Giannini, the sadness that never gains the upper hand, but it also goes for most of his optimism as he, having just returned from his much older girlfriend got their marching orders, go to Sandro on the New Year's Eve party. But the mood is only from television, while Sandy is sitting alone in his shabby apartment.

same time, this moment is the turning point at which they decide is to become self-employed as a transport company. Corbucci uses this new constellation of thriller-like moments that a kind of "Show - Down" leads to the Mafia, but this leaves no time the ground of reality. Much more it is clear that a small business, like that of Nino and Sandro, the balance of power is exposed without protection in the country. "Il bestione" is in its nature, reality and entertainment radical mix to a rare, in its lack of bias misunderstood gem, that one part of the disrespect, the language and directness of the Italo - Western is influenced to shy away on the other hand do not have arisen, the to describe the present. The end is in this tradition, because it lets the men at least their dignity.

Il bestione "Italy / France 1974, directed by Sergio Corbucci, Screenplay: Sergio Corbucci, Sergio Donati, Actor: Giancarlo Giannini, Michel Constantin, Giuliana Calandra, Enzo Fiermonte, Dalila Tues Lazarro, Duration: 98 minutes

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