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Crime (1966) Umberto Lenzi

Contents: The out While the criminal detective (Glenn Saxson) for execution, wait Inspector Milton (Andrea Bosic) and his superiors on the redemptive message. But this is different than expected, because detective escaped by a miracle, because the rope suddenly broke. That was no accident, explains Milton at once, for he himself had provided for criminal escape, because he promised only to the replacement of the English Crown, the crime had been stolen.

But this can shake off his pursuers and escape from England, sent but not without Milton inspector before the crown, in return for the rescue from the rope. For now pursuing new criminal objectives ...

Even in Italy, where the medium of comics learned much earlier cultural acceptance, than in Germany, had by Max Bunker invented comic series "Crime "major struggle with the censors. In the early phase of the "Fumetto nero" in the first half of the '60s, were the cynical and uncompromising behavior of the Protagonists, and particularly its explicit sexual acts as a provocation, what was the success with readers, however, not diminish.

Nevertheless, the early implementation of the substance was surprised in a movie, for what in the comic books was at least a limited extent, could not even be brought to the screen. Umberto Lenzis screenplay based on the comics you realize this compromise in favor of a movie compatibility according to clear, since "crime" was based more on the successful wave of James Bond films than to the original template. It starts with the skeleton - costume, the real hallmark the "crime" that is used here only rarely, and unmotivated. And certainly not to an incognito, because every time detective (Glenn Saxson) uses it, he pulls the mask off his head.

's not surprising, because the Dutch mime should convince in his first role, especially with blonde hair and nice facial features similar to its rapid success in females could be conclusively why Lenzi also not even with a characterization of the protagonist or the growth of a master criminal was staying. Instead, he starts right in with its execution, which because of its Theft of the royal crown in London to run the knitting. That he escaped, was equally consistent, but perhaps not the fact that of all his main enemy, Inspector Milton (Andrea Bosic) of Scotland Yard, was responsible. This promised to them to figure out the hiding place of the crown, some do not because, of course, crime can escape his pursuers, but he returned the favor for his recovery with the return of the crown.

This opening sequence is the film's Umberto Lenzi line before - used to elegant venues, especially in Istanbul, where most of the subsequent action takes place, fast, in their logic, not always comprehensible plot, but which - skillfully graphically - out talking to her comic character, the constant cat and mouse game between detective and the inspector that a little of the also popular at that time, "Fantomas" films recalls, and not least, many beautiful women, of which did produce mainly the German-born model Helga Line as twin sisters Inge Trude, the detective made life really difficult. In short, "crime" can always talk with a varied action and its visual benefits, but was nowhere near the success or even the popularity of the Bond or Fantomas - Movies , Come close so the film, despite the continuation "Il marchio di crime" came two years later, into oblivion.

The reason for this is calculated in the stylistic element that the film today, the 60's Zeitgeist also power, prestige value. Despite all the smoothing of the original comic template makes Lenzis film no secret that crime is a criminal who ruthlessly murdered for their own benefit. Unlike "Fantomas", and certainly not comparable to James Bond Gentlema n - role is the identification with the protagonists difficult. Even by the omission of historical background to the main character, lacks a moral differentiation of its actions. His desire to steal the jewels, is based solely on the idea of enrichment.

that he wants to remove other criminals who committed insurance fraud previously prevented that its role is not clearly negative reception, as well as the fact that he killed only people who who planned it with anything else. But with real self-defense have its acid - cleverly orchestrated attacks and killings to do anything, even if she is not Likeable take. The same is true of his love affairs, which - as in comics - always arise from a mixture of fear and fascination with women, because they do not have emotional intimacy, nor the nonchalance Bond shear love adventure.

If Lenzi did actually develop a kind of Italian Bond, the question arises as to why he of all the comic presentation of "crime" it chose. Whose intelligence and success with women, were only superficial similarities, as well as its English origin, which was implemented here not very authentic. The film shines contrast with Lenzis ability to cool production and a screenplay that his origin but can not completely deny. From today's perspective, does the design of ambivalent protagonists, not to a - still common today - keeps moral code, courageous.

"crime" Italy, Spain, 1966, Director: Umberto Lenzi , writer: Umberto Lenzi, Max Bunker (comic) , Starring: Glenn Saxson, Helga Line, Andrea Bosic, Ivano Staccioli, Maria Luisa Rispoli, Running time: 93 minutes

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