Friday, November 12, 2010

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Without words ...

Actually he is not after me to post today. Maybe you have
of the bus accident on the A28 yesterday heard or read.
occupants were students, parents and teachers of the KGS Hage. My son is a student of this school, most children are from his class.
The mother, who was here as a companion, died last night her severe injuries.
The two teachers and two children floating still in danger.
I learned yesterday that the bus driver is asleep frequently during his trips and had to be shaken up by the passengers - the bus company that was known. Why must happen before something terrible always before conclusions are drawn?
I would ask you to pray for the injured - and for all that had to witness this horror ... that they have people who assist them and accompany them on their difficult journey.

The school has responded very great:
first of the classes in a circle by candlelight and a cup of tea relates with their class teachers / instructors about what happened.
are then passed all the neighboring Ansgari church to worship, which was held by the three pastors of the church.
At this point, a heartfelt THANK YOU so much for empathy!
Our thoughts are with the family K **** and the injured ...


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