Friday, November 19, 2010

Headache Head Feels Bruised

The chance ...

... on a Christmas edition of the journal Jeanne d'Arc Living you have until 17.11. at Sibylle / Beautiful Decoration

I caught the November Blues - all at once seems so pointless, I'm very sad and could always crying ...
THANK YOU for your kind and number of comments - they give me the feeling my pain and my anger not to be alone.
The two teachers float still in critical condition, her condition is critical ...
And when I think of the mother, the morning leaving the house with their daughters, to accompany them on a trip and never comes back ...

addendum on 19.11.
Anne K. was buried yesterday with great interest. The seriously injured
teacher, Inga F., has not made it.
you died today.
you only 30 years old.

*****( memorial corner in the recreation hall of the KGS-Hage north )*****

Thank you, dear Beate ...


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