Monday, February 14, 2011

Truimage Problem The Installation Was Interrupted

Today ... In the fog

... Is the second anniversary of the sky small Mirjam .
burn the land of the Frisians in this year a candle.
My thoughts are with her and her wonderful family.

Yes ... and a year ago today I took the step and started my blog.
The change that I've been through in this time is unbelievable.
me at the moment is not to many words to mute - is now probably a certainty that what we all feared for two weeks. The investigations are completed. Tomorrow is my mum to the hospital on Wednesday it will operate.
'is coming a long way with an uncertain outcome ...
For today's blog birthday only this: I thank you for your visits and comments last year, for your wonderful blog and inspiration ... that I may be a part of you - nice to have someone like you!

a good time!

Now we have certainty as feared, it is a malignant tumor.
Before 51 / 2 years it was already for me to deal with the diagnosis of cancer.
Now it takes us again. WHY?


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