Thursday, February 21, 2008

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How do I put my work before my day with children?

children are our most precious asset. Who could ever see bright eyes and hearty laughter of children, know what I mean.

me it is important to assist children at the present time to support and guide in your own independence. Discover the world and experience with all senses and to understand. This is for me the children in their own personality to encourage.

For my day children, there will be many deals on crafts with different materials and in different seasons, we will sing, paint, dance, and construct (both with blocks of wood and connectivity systems such as mega blocks). Furthermore, there will be a cozy corner in which the children can retreat alone or jointly with me and listen to an exciting reading history. We also are very often enjoy the fresh air, visit playgrounds and take short trips (eg. Zoo).

also festivals such as Carnival, children's birthdays and theme parties ("We welcome the Spring"), etc. We will organize, jointly with the happy parents.

Depending on the age of the children I am taking (in consultation with parents), even the toilet training undertaken. We will practice alone off and on with I naturally assume not only the work but are at the children as an aid to the side going.

Every child is its own little personality and should be perceived as such. That means every child developed differently. Some faster - others slower. No one is trimmed in my day group or forced to do anything but I will offer certain things again and again (eg, eating alone, drink from the cup).

Since my youngest daughter is only 3 years become a matter of yes, I know what the world is a different way to see. Everything is exciting and thrilling. Each beetle or earthworm must be reviewed at the walk. Therefore, any outdoor activity will enrich the children will be and also be encouraged.

a regular schedule, cherished rituals and good manners or manners are like the fun are at play, the curiosity of our environment, the interest in learning in the forefront of our day group. offer

To you and your child the best settling in the "Wombats", I would have even before then that this very important time is a minimum of 2 weeks but can take longer, depending on the nature of the child. If you decide that is for day care, especially for me as a child minder, to schedule this period, please include.

Close communicative cooperation with you, dear parents, is not only advisable but essential and encouraged.

are also suggestions and constructive criticism welcome.

Periodically, I will provide you with dates for parent meetings or parents evenings, you are welcome to take advantage. It is not always talk time between door and Angel "to something and should not be the rule.

discretion or secrecy are natural for me.


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