Thursday, February 21, 2008

Replacwment Antenna Boombox

"I run a small successful family .... "

Dear Parents,

who has not heard of the sentence, which was coined by the advertising and that applies to many mothers and fathers.

would like at this point I will present my personal small family business.

My name is Sandra Rogahn, I'm 30 years old, married and mother of 3 beautiful children.

After a successful completion of vocational training as a clerk, was for my husband and I quickly realized that our luck will bear fruit and we very much want to be parents.

Our dream came true and our pilot project, Nils, (almost 11 years), followed by only one and a half years later, Tim, (9 years), and 2005, yet the female continued Tia, (4 years).

Nils left to right, Tia, Tim and Nils 9th birthday

Sorry Nils was the beginning of our little problem child. He needed speech therapy and occupational therapy to various language and motor skills to compensate for problems successfully. Its development has helped us as parents but very interpret signals the child better able to detect any possible developmental delays and to get by using the facilities and doctors in the handle. Later in the 2nd Class was still add a math disability and ADS without hyperactivity.

Both abnormalities were detected in time, however, and are intensively by both the school and parents through us by special education and playfully treated privately. Despite all the difficulties, Nils a sunshine and sparkles with wit and energy.

Tim was a real early start, he was far too early in the world - developed, however, the faster and more magnificent, against all predictions. He is a loving and sensitive boy who likes to uses for vulnerable children.

Our daughter Tia was in 2005 a small prize. After 2 boys now she charmed the whole family on their own way. It is a typical girl who loves disguises and dolls. She dances and sings very much and greatly enriched by her charm family life.


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