Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tempereture Circuit Diagram

The equipment

I take care of your most precious treasures in my own 4 walls will, it is especially important to offer me variety and retreats. There are first, the "playing field" and the "sleep lab"!

The "playing field" offers many suggestions on the subject of play, paint romp, and snuggle tinker. Motor loops, blocks, toy cars, dolls / soft toys, finger paints are just as much facility as many colorful books for children from 0-3 years, (eg Wimmelbücher invent the stories for the 2-3-year, but also tactile and tactile books for children). Read-aloud stories, or even occasionally a radio play CD are wonderful in the holiday season or with proper foul weather to relax in the comfort zone in hot tea and a cookie.

in "sleep lab" is it cool in no way as the name might suggest, allows (he is from my sons have been involved in the design). There is a small quiet lovely decorated room with cots and implications for the welcome which the little ones nap yes definitely still need. There is a light slumber, and every day a little sleep aid in the form of a goodnight story or a relaxing music CD. Little helpers, (the favorite stuffed animal or your child's security blanket, pacifier, or other) are now very welcome here and therefore must not be missing. Currently I am trying to buy our day group according to a mascot, (Plüschwombat) with small offshoots of the day children.


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