Thursday, February 21, 2008

Softride Doesn´t Produce Bikes Anymore

Care times

The core service time:

Monday - Friday 8-17 clock

in agreement and as required, like too from 6:30 clock or extended to 19 clock.

support during times of Creches closing device is also available by arrangement, for siblings.

weekend care or exceptional cases (eg, hospital stays of lone parents find care by a family member is not given), is possible after arrangement!

This item appears in the extra care agreement and should not be taken for granted.

case of illness of the daily child should be a telephone communication to 8:30 clock so that I can offer as a nanny the other day children their daily routine. This also applies to all contractual agreements held, (eg recovery after illness only with written clearance of the pediatrician).

leave arrangements please i tell you early because I even 2 children of school age have and adapt our vacation at holiday times must. For this period it is still a provision in the contract with the give and the representation shall be determined. Also, I am committed to you, dear parents, to inform my own vacation schedule as soon as possible.


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