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Il marchio di detective (The brand Crime) 1968 Fernando Cerchio, Nando Cicero

Content: While Inspector Milton (Andrea Bosic) the decision taken by him detective (Glenn Saxson) behind bars in Turkey believes and prepared his wedding, this has long been active again in London together with a. young accomplice, he leads a retirement home, assured the passengers on their lives, and will during the old ladies a heart attack, he gets by with his skeleton costume in the room.

He is randomly attention to a Buddha statue, which was owned by one of the deceased. In this, a plan was hidden necessary for its full three other statues. Of all Milton's inspector bride bought One of these, why crime has to use harsher methods to get hold of the other statues. But who is the mysterious person who is also behind the plan come from?

On the Origin of the continuation of Umberto Lenzis "crime " , is today little known, therefore the assessment of the external parameters remains speculative. Nevertheless arise not so much by the similarities, as well as the obvious differences between the two films, interesting insights, only on the quality of the films themselves, but also the zeitgeist in the mid 60's, the one figure as the walking in a skeleton costume detective (Glenn Saxson) - even in relation to the original comic by Max Bunker strongly attenuated version - not accepted as protagonists.

alone that after the failure of "crime" ever was a sequel is, surprisingly, quite apart from the fact that the title " Il marchio di crime "(The brand Crime) a bit like the lonely call of the desert acts, because that was not so successful - the figure of "crime" to a label like "James Bond" build. Also, the fact that Umberto Lenzi, who had designed together with the comic book author Max Bunker the screenplay for the first film, not more participated, but instead two directors of different generations - Fernando Cerchio in one of his last films, Nando Cicero ( " The Bumsköpfe " ) in his second film - it worked, shows that the original makers of the project no longer wanted to continue.

Only the main characters were in "Il marchio di crime" message, but not special without a footnote. While Glenn Saxson in the title role and Andrea Bosic as his opponent Inspector Milton were absolutely necessary at all to give a continuous nature, does the reoccupation of Helga Line as female counterparts to have agreed contracts must be fulfilled. This time she plays the flamenco dancer Mara Gitan, after her double role Trude / Inge "crime" came to an abrupt end. In the first scene where she meets "crime" and like him, laying in bed lands, he mentioned that they were alive only because his identity does not know what the face of the first part where they knew it immediately, unintentionally comic effect. Also

the beginning of the film confused in this respect, because although the message "One year later ..." a direct reference to the first part is prepared may pursue criminal undisturbed in London's shops. Known, but he was at the end of the first part has been arrested in Turkey, ultimately, a compromise to the public that. Fortunately, recorded "Il marchio di crime" that character does not, but describes the protagonists appear as a ruthless leader of a London home for the wealthy widow whose young companion life insurance under whose name completes before they are frightened, literally with his skeleton costume to death. He accidentally breaks a statue of Buddha, making a note appears, which is part of a treasure map that leads to two very valuable paintings. The thief had hidden pictures of the plan in four Buddha statues, so the hunt begins on the other three statues.

This mixture of motives of the Edgar Wallace film "The Dark Eyes of London" and Belmondo hunt for the mysterious statues in "Adventure in Rio," features the little-alone script that hardly anything in common with the comic. Nevertheless, we can convince "Il marchio di crime" as an entertainment movie, because he took a hand, the permeability of the original, on the other hand, said Glenn Saxsons slightly sleazy charm and is more a replacement James Bond longer sought.

"Il marchio di crime" is becoming the vehicle of the criminal's crime, the motives - the enrichment beyond despicable - although still not clear of it but usually much fun, what you can have even considered intention. Inspector Milton may again play the runner, but his role here has even less weight than in "crime" . Only at the very end probably had certain moral consequences are drawn on to justify this film to an audience that already in Part 1 did little to start with the protagonist, although there still both his criminal, and his sympathetic and intelligent side were stressed. This

Ambiguities were expelled him in "Il marchio di crime", so here is a man at the center, who in his ruthless nature could barely even function as a sympathetic figure. This permitted him no further sequels were - too bad.

"Il marchio di crime" Italy, Spain, 1968, Director: Fernando Cerchio, Nando Cicero, writer: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero , Actor: Glenn Saxson, Helga Line, Andrea Bosic, Frank Olivier, Ugo Sasso, Duration: 88 minutes

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