Friday, August 13, 2010

Have A Nice Day Translated Into French

flower blossoms photo contest

Hi, everybody!

I've spontaneously to take part in the flower-flower photo contest Ina (Creative & Culinary) determined.
Still in pajamas and armed with a camera, I am in the morning in our garden booted (quite such a wet meadow on an August morning) and have held for a suitable location on the lookout.
I do have only a very basic camera, with which one can not achieve special effects, but might like one or the other so the photo of my flower that looks for her here (rocky) path ...
If so, you are allowed after the deadline on 4 September gladly give your vote for my picture ;-)

==> Click for larger

Otherwise, I have my lampshade yesterday in the absence of a new (here in the land of the Frisians, it seems to be no lampshades) first-time white deleted.
Is not the ultimate, but will have to do until I find a lampshade that is 100% to my liking. Since (hopefully at the weekend), the new curtains are appropriate, it fits quite well with the least color picture ...

So, now I wish you a wonderful weekend and
You know ... I have in the world ...
Sincerely, your

And here, belatedly, the Friday Filler:

first My last text message ended with the words ? - Because I can not remember :-(

second I am very sensitive, even if it sometimes seems different.

third For dinner, there was yesterday white bread with onion rings .

4th I hope I do in the education of our son everything right, I think about it more often to in recent times.

5th On 31 August it only takes a few more days until my husband's birthday .

6th was I not long after my illness: alive and energetic.

7th As for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing my crochet , tomorrow I work planned (15th Existence of Kiga, in which I work by the hour) and Sunday I want to meet my brother the holiday with my parents in the land of the Frisians makes !


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