Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How I Knw My Laptop Specification

My wish fulfillers ...

... this time was my brother who currently leave the country any of the Frisians and yesterday went with me to the rather distant Sweden to Oldenburg.
I felt 10 years was no longer there ... ok, in reality it was almost 2 years ... and the day was just wonderful! The streets were empty, I * kea also delicious lunch and the yield encouraging.
I am particularly happy that I now have a lamp shade for my Lamp was found by the junk dealer - he's good in white fabric and I like it sooo! But
see themselves ..

for home furnishings with an IKEA Family magazine proposals so entirely to my taste ...

My Granny Square blanket has become well done.
I'm really proud of myself that I have persevered. Because I did not want to's sewing, I always round and round and round crochet, which of course was always tedious, the longer the sides were ...

Do you remember? On 13 March saw my Granny Square still like this ...

But not only the crochet has emerged as a children's chair from a flea market I have painted white and decorated vor'm house.
Then I replaced yet wonderful treasures from the blog world and purchased (thank Elvira, Emma and Sandra), which I am actually still wanted to show but now I can even upload pictures more ... brooding, brooding ... Therefore it must
for the :-( Today was his

Oh, it works again ... funny ... I

This so fragrant lavender sachets I Elvira against two cans of changed my blog flea market (which I incidentally a small sewing box and 4m ribbon in fall colors reset did - who could look like here )

The can I bought from dragon lady Sandra, who has packed me some other nice things and I just got had

And one of these treasures is so nicely packaged for me ... from Emma's flea market

Last but not least, the said baby chair


Addendum: The
Themenbild for this week is titled "Old treasures".
My contribution is a book of Psalms from the 1825


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