Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Langeoog and more


now before the weather tomorrow autumn begins, I want to tell you quickly the promised photos of 2 part of our summer show leave.

Unlike the complaints were on holiday the day Langeoog very quiet.
We were at the beach, dunes, on bikes, in the island church, in the shopping district and fine restaurants.

After the trip on a pretty full boat, we moved into our apartment - simple but comfortable and close to the beach and center.
equal in our first stroll, I discovered at "your place" the beautiful Greenhouse at a bargain price of ... 10 Euronen! Can you imagine my joy?
I could not even believe it, yes, I had on my last visit to the island in June, but already there trying to get even one of these coveted little house ...
now had the Sabine love me so kindly sent a worried and - now I have just two - one in the conservatory and one in the living room ...

As we have often had to Langeoog (the island is indeed virtually on our doorstep), we have not made so many pictures but some I can show you yet ...

island church

Lale Andersen and Water Tower (landmark Langeoog)

The Sonnenhof (Lale Andersen House)




Junior during a tour of a lifeboat ...

... and on a beached whale (nee, is in reality only a breakwater, but it looks like it?)

An image of the painter Anselm Langeoog that has me totally fascinated (some unclear, as I have it photographed by a disk)

Everything has an end - return

Simone (Simone Krimsrams) has on her blog Herzenskram Give away a campaign started, and I have chosen these beautiful things - at this point, again thank you for this!

And Bianca of Stickenundmehr I have won this fantastic beautiful heart with lace ribbon - embroidered on one side with a charming angel, held the other side of the stripe pattern.
I had tears in his eyes, so I was happy. Thank you so much, my love!

gewerkelt a little and I have painted ...

I you could still show the material with which our sofas reupholstered and a beautiful convertible ride with my brother to Greetsiel tell but as of this post already again become so long, I leave that for next time's on ...

Have a good time


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