Monday, September 6, 2010

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late summer ... How in heaven

... in the land of the Frisians.
Was not that an absolute dream weekend - just wonderful!

was after a day gardening and shopping on Saturday announced yesterday relaxing - it was like a holiday!
I did not even need to cook, because my husband had the idea to bring lunch from the Chinese, then we have enjoyed on the terrace ...

on Friday had my marriage thing (printed from Bärbel / Lilli Belle ) birthday.
It was a very successful celebration. You can even plan it, but the atmosphere was sooo great! Shortly after midnight we were all "You know how many are little stars" in star-lit night in front of our house and sang (No. .. of which there are no pictures !)...

had as a gift can I make including a canvas bag with a Celtic Tree of Life at Bärbel and have to beat a direct hit landed. My husband has been looking forward so much that he had tears in his eyes ...

noon today will be picked up from our sofas Upholsterers my trust and respect again.
behind the pillows you see the stuff we have chosen us. In
subsidence / knitting liese-creative I won with my stone tower photo complaints at the photo competition and I could do something about her. Curious, what I chose? Then times look here ...

So, now I must in the world ... I have a follow-up appointment with the Doc ...
wishes you a good start into the new week and sending sunny greetings North Sea,


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