Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fotos Of Women In There 30

A lovely late summer weekend in the country of the Frisians is coming to an end.
Before I show you pictures of it tomorrow, I want you today to draw attention to a wonderful movie.
It's my favorite movie - good plot, great actors and touching music.
Swedish film called "How in heaven" and is now broadcast at 20:15 on clock arte.

to content:
successful international Daniel is a musician with heart and soul. Even as a boy he dreamed of touching people with his music. At that time he was beat because of his otherness of fellow students, but today is his Unchallenged reputation. He is booked as a conductor, leading orchestras for years. But it is still his great longing to reach the hearts of the people who are not breastfed. When he collapses on stage, he realizes that he must change his life.

He returns to the small Swedish village where he spent part of his childhood before the age of 14 he took his stage name. In the vastness of the winter landscape, northern Sweden, he is looking for peace and seclusion. But the curiosity of the villagers and their great expectations of the famous guest will soon force Daniel to the life of the community to participate.

When he was in touch with the church choir is awake, suddenly his passion for music. He applied for the post of cantor and eagerly rushes to his new role. He does not shy away from unconventional methods back to lure the choir members from the reserve. With his enthusiasm and his dedication to music, Daniel soon become a fixture of the small village community, which is divided into ardent admirers and angry enemies. His presence is a catalyst for conflicts old longings and long simmering.

anyone of you knows this movie, and it is you feel the same under the skin?

wish you a wonderful Sunday evening,


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