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Mia moglie, un corpo per l'amore (My wife, a body for love) 1973 Mario Imperoli

Content : Paolo (Silvano Tranquilli) is for 5 years with the much younger Simona (Antonella Murgia) happily married, but the successful businessman fears growing that she might one day be unfaithful. To maintain control, he is Marco Santi (Peter Lee Lawrence) in his company, and can meet him by chance on his wife.

This is also seen again, for they were once again engaged. Marco advertises back to them, but they are those times have passed. But Paolo ensures that the two take a trip alone on his boat. After prolonged wallpapering Although she succumbs to the efforts of her former friend, but will not have a relationship with him. But they still do not know that this Paolo's plan only had its beginnings ...

swept As in the early 70s the porn wave in the cinema, the makers gave more often embed the trouble, the explicit representation of sex in a reasonably coherent story. Particularly popular was the subject of nymphomaniac in order to justify changing interactions with male partners - leaving out of account the fact that this is a serious mental illness.

The title "Mia moglie, un corpo per l'amore" (My wife, a body for love) is preparing the theme of the film before been sent, because such a body, it would be almost a sin that only one person to send. Now it is at Mario Imperolis film but not a porn, but a mixture of eroticism and Giallo, which is why limited actress Antonella Murgia Simona largely as a revealer of her breasts. However, these are presented in long insertions and multiple fervently kneaded, wherein the proximity to the erotic film is clear.

For here, does the story - especially in the midsection of the film - as a guide to the line up the amorous adventures of the protagonist has, yet an interesting psychological version. Obviously, had the lovely Simona an eventful life before the wealthy businessman Paolo (Silvano Tranquilli) five years ago was married to him at this stage, but always faithful. That the much older Paolo has a problem, even the first scene makes clear when his water-skiing woman to fall by a sudden gas is. A brief moment of hatred could be seen in his face before he again took up in his boat.

When he topped that the smart Marco (Peter Lee Lawrence) sets his company, you can see not his motives, but no later than when that turned out to be ex-wife and his fiancé Paolo in a prearranged trip to third, sudden can not be there. Said Marco and Simona spend an entire day alone on Paolo's yacht - Paolo with the desired result, at least if you look at his smug face with which he receives the pair on their return to the pier. Simon had long adorned, but then it was came to sex - and the beginning ever-increasing sexual adventures.

From today's perspective, the middle part of the movie is less interesting because its long-Soft-Sex Advertisement bored sooner than they bring new aspects to the topic. Only the moral vision of the 70's will is clear, because while Simona the lesbian advances of her photographer (Sonia Burton), for which it stands model refuses, she has no problems a threesome with a dark-skinned male model join, which is in contrast to the other actions but only hinted at.

The film exclusively male, voyeuristic point of view is told, can there not be surprised, but "Mia moglie, un corpo per l'amore" also has a subversive context that is especially last third rail strikes. After Paul had driven his wife to ever new sexual adventures, their lust for sex a self-runner who will be his desire for control will be a farce. Thus, the film becoming a parable about power and the price which the individual is willing to pay for - this is the title but have a clear answer as to what really matters - "Un corpo per l'amore".

"Mia moglie, un corpo per l'amore" Italy 1973, Director: Mario Imperoli , ; writer: Mario Imperoli, Starring: Silvano Tranquilli, Antonella Murgia, Peter Lee Lawrence, Michele Placido, Sonia Burton, Runtime: 82 minutes


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