Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Female Mount And Blade

Who wants a greenhouse?


you will not believe what I was this morning while shopping have discovered:
two gorgeous greenhouses at a great price
Because I know how many of you for so long a greenhouse look, I brought two (Salesperson: "Shall I hold the door open?") - one for me (now I have three!) and one for you!
So ... who wants this greenhouse (without decoration) for 20 + shipping Euronen like?

Here it on ebay for $ 49.95 Eur ..

I hope you are very happy that I've thought of you ...

PS: Should there be more than a prospect, will decide the fate ...

Since there are several interested parties but, I just call again demand in the business ... A greenhouse is to have - that I have had to reset it today and get off in time.
It may, therefore, two dear people appreciate a home ...


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