Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How To Clean Yourself Afterpooping?

Out of order

After today, for some inexplicable reasons the Internet was, it now seems to function again.

The decision regarding the greenhouses fell. The
get a house Antje / vintagetraeume and Yvonne / girl love .
you to contact us or at me, then I can give you my bank account and you tell me your addresses.
All other interested parties please do not be angry - I would have indulged in every one of you.
And if I see one again, I should certainly think of you and first of all then Uta (no blog). Uta
love because you were the third, I have even considered to give you my house but I just can not part with it - hope you understand this ..

Today it's raining on us almost all day.
I've considered, therefore, show you the pictures of my convertible ride with my brother in August after Greetsiel. Perhaps you can
her gray out there forget a little ...

Oh ... that was schööön! But in early October, my Mum's birthday and then brother makes again a few days off here in the land of the Frisians - Froi!
If any of you near Euskirchen lives and happy times as a ride in the BMW Z4 want to do - contact me ...

Then I want to tell you my treasures from the last visit in Favorite junk shop shows - it has really paid off again: white-gray porcelain by Rosenthal, a coffee pot with a grandfather clock from Holland, an old tin can (for my clothes peg), a vintage shell and ...

... these two paddles - they will, of course, white and hot (photos to follow) then welcome guests vor'm house

And if I tell you what I paid for everything, would you not believe me anyway. ..

other day of art class brought my son with this man pretty box.
"Mom, you wanted to throw away the ! "
What have I but for an attentive child - I'm sooo happy that he has thought of me

course it is already cleaned, painted and polished but I'm probably not a photo of it! made. I show you the next time the mail is always already become so long.

let it go you good


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