Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Letter Of Offer To Lease A Property

old clock / mantel clock

Today I removed the clock / mantel clock from my favorite thrift store, white and ground, and I really like good.
Now I wear them the whole day around the house and can not find a suitable place for her.
Maybe there's someone in love of you and gives her a new home.
you will find them in my flea market blog ...

the moment is in "real life" so much going on that I not really have time to sit vor'm PC and post - as soon as it is a little quiet, I'll listen to me again ...

Accept my all were very nice Greetings,

EDIT: having acknowledged the mantel clock me not look anymore because I had it set in the flea market blog, she has found after long search now place on our kitchen cabinet - Photo to follow. ..


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